Another Attempt to Explain Delia

September 24, 2008 admin

I’m told that Delia eludes simple explanation. Probably. Its a been around, 14 years??, and has more than a single voice which was always the point. Instead of making some kind of accounting of our abilities and accomplishments it seems more fitting to just keep showing the work. After all, it is the reason we do what we do. 













Many years ago we went to a trade show in San Francisco. Our booth weighed 5000 lbs. In hindsight that was kind of dumb. But it sure looked like a million bucks. 

Its not uncommon to hear a great deal of yelling in response to the days events told on the radio. The radio is usually played at a high volume. So, if you are going to yell about the news, you really got to mean it. Delia is a big fan of Franklin Roosevelt. 

















I will never claim to understand the world of selling. See this little model bed? Well, people have bought more beds based upon seeing this little model than by seeing the real thing. Go figure. 

















The top on this sculpture spins in the wind. Its to be delivered to a house on the gorge and will be sorry to see it go. Nothing stays very long around here. 













I am not a good photographer but I like the positioning of this shiny new sculpture in front of a pile of chaos. I think that about sums it up. 

This is Hannah. She lives next door. She is a sweetie.
















What a little dynamo. We love our old forklift. It tries so hard even when it hasn’t a prayer. 

















The raw materials of the trade. 

















I like that the logo says Veritas. I would like to be associated with that word. 

















Its a propane storage tank now used to make globes. 

















Outdoor glass cutting station. Could you work like this?











Napkin rings before they are plated. Delia is about production.



















The last time I added up the total number of boxes packed I came up with 35,000. One tape gun. 













Wooden bracelets for MoMA. Each one hand cut, shaped, sanded and painted.


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