Wine Bottle Diplay/Storage Unit

September 27, 2006 admin

Twig Style. Bottles across the top for display or bragging. 6-9 glasses below. Lots more bottles below. Could be made with shelf below glasses to use as serving counter. Height and other sizes can be customized.

Heart Shelf Unit

September 18, 2006 admin

This is a custom shelf rack. Notice the little pieces that stick off the posts. A piece of glass rests on them for the shelving. Hearts not required.

A Supermarket Daisy

September 18, 2006 admin

Its hard to tell from the picture but this is a 30 FOOT Daisy that was made for a nice local grocer.

A Bike Rack

August 30, 2006 admin

Delia makes a bike rack.

Wine Glass Storage

July 18, 2006 admin

We call this the Wine Branch.