Racks for Hanging Things

July 18, 2006 admin

Two Free Standing Racks. Sorry about the lousy picture quality. The rolling one has a piece of glass on the top for shelving.

Jewelry Cabinets

July 18, 2006 admin

These are custom jewelry cabinets made for galleries here on the West Coast. They have glass tops. Some have sliding glass in the front. Some have drawers that slide forward. Wheels can be added for mobility. Taller ones can have … Continue reading

Counter Top Display Racks

July 18, 2006 admin

Here are a few displays that we made for our trade show booth. They work well for the hand made glass wine corks and the napkin rings. But it easy to imagine a wider range of applications such as jewelry … Continue reading

Card Display Rack

June 28, 2006 admin

This is a table top card rack display. There are a variety of motifs used to hold the cards. They can be held upright or horizontal. Various sizes available. Floor version very nice. Each tier spins independently.

Chandelier For Wine Glass and ?

June 03, 2006 admin

This compact unit hangs many glasses. Rods in an S pattern link it to ceiling mount.