Table Set Caddy

May 13, 2009 admin

A prototype for a caddy used to deliver small plates and silverware to a table. 

Menu Display

April 18, 2009 admin

A table top unit for display of a local restaurant’s menu and cooking class schedule.

Cafe/Display Table

March 21, 2009 admin

Based upon the same butterfly leg design as the mushroom table this larger version makes an excellent little cafe table suitable for a breakfast pantry or a versatile retail display table. The top has been oxidized and finished to accentuate … Continue reading

Round Coffee/Display Table

March 21, 2009 admin

This is a larger version (36″) of a table we build regularly that is UPS friendly. Though not easily shippable through UPS it is much better for display purposes and makes a great statement piece for a living room. The … Continue reading

Sequoiadendron giganteum Wine Rack

March 21, 2009 admin

We make a wine bonsai, a bush, a tree and a sequoia. What do I call the biggest wine rack of them all? If you own a restaurant, a winery, a wine store or you like to brag in your … Continue reading