Candleholder with many flowers and lights

February 27, 2007 admin

We make this is all shapes and sizes. the more little flower/votives you put on them the prettier they are lit up.


February 27, 2007 admin

it feels sorta like making an ashtray in ceramics class but these things are just useful. i find i’m putting them everywhere and for everything; stuff, indoor, outdoor, flowers, sand, plants, change, candles, keys, cds, dvds, clothes, well, you get … Continue reading

Nest Lamp

February 26, 2007 admin

a simple lamp with a nest of silver plated wire. use white globe bulb for no glare. when you buy one we will tell you the secret for getting it in and out. various sizes available.

Ottoman with Pretty Cushion

February 24, 2007 admin

Based upon the larger chais lounge the is an ottoman that works well for changing rooms. Cushion size and pattern may very or get your own and we will build to scale.

Old Dog New Trick

February 24, 2007 admin

Here we took one of our best selling pieces ever, the KL-57 lamp table and replaced the square top with a round one. Suddenly everything is new again. The lamp is a made of copper tube with glass bangles. Much … Continue reading