7 foot Dingle Coat Rack

February 24, 2007 admin

Sometimes when you have to make things so that it is shippable it takes all the fun out of it. Here is a coat rack with ceramic dingle balls that has all the fun intact. And then we made another … Continue reading

Tendril Mirror

February 20, 2007 admin

This mirror we call Tendril Style. Any size you want.

Twig Mirrors

February 20, 2007 admin

We make many mirrors. Different styles. Different sizes. These are what we call a twig mirror. One is more rectangular. The other is square. Can be hung long or short side up. Give us a call for pricing.

Spring Things 2007

February 20, 2007 admin

Here is the first thing to post for Spring 2007. Many good things to come. What you are looking at is a Reed style two tier lamp table with a copper tube lamp with glass bangles. Pretty shade.

Things to Hang From

November 02, 2006 admin

The first are two wall mounted coat hooks. Little Flowers. Cute. The big Cilia Coat Stand is new and a new motif for Delia. And its shippable.