Delia Hosts A Party

August 30, 2006 admin

Delia hosts a benefit block party for local roller derby team, The High Rollers. A good time was had by all and mama gets a new pair of skates.

These are worth thousands of $$$$

August 18, 2006 admin

Sure, sure. You think you can balance drift wood or throw a big rock in the middle of that but you didn’t. Ivan McLean did. That’s the difference.

August is a slow hot month

August 18, 2006 admin

Here are a couple of new things. The two tiered table is nicely proportioned and treated with the copper wash on the top. The lamp is made from copper tube and has glass bangles. Probably sold without shade. The 3 … Continue reading

Those Are Some Lovely Balls

July 13, 2006 admin

40″ Balls of Steel on Display in Peninsula Park. This drew some attention. Coming soon. 68″ Balls.

Stuff in the Yard

July 11, 2006 admin

Look what we made this week. a. little garden bench b. window screen c. Fly Away sculpture d. bench and table with pebble top