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Kanso Armoire

Kanso Armoire
The armoire is the superior choice for clothing storage. It is more functional and better looking than the dresser.

The images you see here are from a new design. I first build a steel box that is very strong. 1" thick cedar is used for the shelving. It is aromatic cedar so no worries for knitwear. A lighter color wood like Birch would also look smart. The doors are 1" thick walnut and are treated in the Kanso fashion. The edges are rounded off and the surface has a slight undulation. Think river rock.

The top left space has a bar for hanging suits, shirts and pants. The top right is open. You may request additional hooks or shelves. Inside the left door is a dressing mirror. A hook on the inside right door is for dressing convenience.

For office professionals I envisage the top right turned into a sharp looking liquor storage for celebrating the big deal. (or the loss of one)

Delivery is via a truck service and the price here is for curbside delivery. The cabinet is heavy. It will come with a furniture dolly. If you need inside delivery please inquire for a quote.

A substantial object. If you have special requests or concerns please write. I enjoy building things that fit well.

as shown:

44" wide

27" deep

73" tall
$ 3,500.00