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Kanso Bed

Kanso Bed

The Kanso Bed like the other Kanso designs is a simple blend of steel and wood. I am manipulating the walnut to have a worn quality. No straight lines or corners. Think river rock. The surfaces are sanded smooth. The steel provides a strong support system. I weigh 200 lbs and can stand on the frame. The mattress rests on pine slats. If your mattress requires a solid service I can substitute 1/2" birch plywood.

The walnut platform extends 4-5 inches beyond the mattress in the front and sides. The headboard is one solid piece of walnut ranging from 11-14" and sits 2" above the mattress level-this is adjustable. The platform is shown at 7" off the ground. As with most of these dims you may request alterations.

The bed comes in parts and you will have to assemble with the hardware I provide. The headboard attaches with screws to the tube uprights. For shipping safety I am crating these beds so when it arrives it's one box weighing about 250-300 lbs. The truck will have a lift gate but the shipping quote listed here is for curbside delivery. Not inside. There are such services but to be honest, it's much more than I would anticipate one would pay a friend or neighbor to assist. (est. $300 more)

The walnut is treated with a wonderful eco friendly sealer and the steel a durable wax.

The walnut is nearly 1" thick and has many variations in it which I try to accentuate. The headboard is one solid piece of walnut and these large pieces are getting rare and expensive which suggests why the price of the bed may seem more than my other designs.

When ordering please provide your mattress thickness and a phone number for the shipping co. to arrange a delivery appointment.

Available in all bed sizes. The price for the Full/Double is the same as Queen. 


$ 2,100.00