Steel Panel Bed Queen Size

Steel Panel Bed Queen Size

I like the look of steel that is weathered. It has a lot of character and like stone or wood grain is worth looking at.

This bed is an nice way to exhibit my appreciation for steel plate.

A tube steel frame is built and two panels are inserted. I age and finish each sheet. The tube is shiny to accentuate the steel qualities. 

Queen size shown. Available in all size for use with or without a box spring. 

Comes with side rails and two cross supports. Easy to assemble. Very sturdy.

As shown: 

Foot board is 25" high
Headboard is 45" high

The idea for this bed is that the foot board is even with the mattress height. The headboard design field begins just below the height of the mattress. These measurements can be adjusted.

Note that the steel is oxidized to accentuate the elements of the plate. I don't have much control over the plate in its original condition and therefore your bed might be slightly different from the one pictured but doesn't that make it unique?

I can make this bed for use w/o a box spring. This usually involves lowering the height of the head and foot boards and running additional supports. 

Delivery is via a trucking company and is for curbside service. Please provide a telephone number for delivery appointment. 

$ 1,450.00