Welding Class

November 18, 2009 admin

Two of My Favorites

October 12, 2009 admin

I love how much people enjoy the welding class. I think you can see it on their faces and the work is terrific. 

Welding Class Takes It To The Garden

August 29, 2009 admin

Today we made things for the garden. 

A new variety

August 12, 2009 admin

These projects can use a little description. The man with the wine table is easy to understand. The other fellow made signs for his Crab Shack, a place where he keeps his crabbing supplies. The bramble stand is a beautiful … Continue reading

Summer Time Welding Fun

June 22, 2009 admin

Welding Class is much more fun with the shop doors open wide and lovely summer breezes blowing through.                                              … Continue reading