Group Shot

April 18, 2009 admin

Corvallis Represents at Welding Class

March 25, 2009 admin

The long arm of Delia is stretching across the state of Oregon. This crew came in from Corvallis to show what they can do.                                 … Continue reading

Weld Done

January 26, 2009 admin

Welding class is fun. It really is. Check out what we did on Saturday.                                                     … Continue reading

Returning Players

November 18, 2008 admin

I already am thrilled with what people make in the welding class. Here is a small sample of what a group of returning participants came up with. An incredible jump in design and result. Maybe we are good at this.  … Continue reading

Ladies bending steel at Delia

August 09, 2008 admin

Another lovely Saturday at Delia with the Ladies. Today we bent steel rods and welded them together. Shaping the rod